Enrich a life. Including Your Own.

What’s the difference between a job and a meaningful, rewarding career? You’ll know from day one at The Summit in one of the most beautiful areas of Virginia.

Here at The Summit, you’ll experience so much more than just a great living. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your work actually makes a difference.

You’ll be part of a passionate team where your ideas and input will be openly valued and respected. You’ll have purposeful opportunities to serve our greater community. And you’ll become part of extraordinary lives with a front-row seat to the amazing life stories of the wisest people on earth — The Summit’s residents.

The unmatched longevity of our team and the generations of family members who’ve made up our team is a testament to our family-oriented, supportive environment that rewards on so many levels. Come be part of our dynamic community and grow your career in two of the strongest sectors of the employment market — hospitality and health care services.

Current job openings at The Summit

Come make a meaningful career out of caring as part of our dynamic community where your contributions will be recognized.

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If you have any questions about current or future job openings, please call us at 434-582-1510, and we’ll be happy to discuss your career opportunities at The Summit.