A Community Pulsing with Life.

Many of the greatest qualities of this community were started or inspired by our residents. What is there to do at The Summit? Just about anything you can imagine. Our senior activities and events are as diverse as our residents, and you can be as busy as you choose.

From regular clubs like canasta, bridge and dominoes to ping-pong, pool, darts and Wii game challenges, there’s fun for every taste. We also offer our own special brand of Jeopardy, The Price Is Right and Trivia Night.

Take a Tai Chi or yoga class, or join a walking group along our gorgeous walking trails. Try balloon ball, kickball, and beach ball volleyball for exercise that also comes with lots of laughter.

Cooking, painting, singing, crafting, scrapbooking — there’s always something creative happening. Sometimes we go off campus — maybe to attend a glass blowing demonstration or to tour the Fifth Street Art House.

Several churches hold worship services on campus. Bible study, prayer groups and devotion nights are also available.

Planned daytrips can include local play productions, musical events and speakers, and minor league baseball games. Or visiting the D-Day Memorial, Lynchburg Museum, Safari Park, The Peaks of Otter, and Living Christmas Tree.

There’s more. Special events at The Summit might include an antique car show, punch and cheese socials, cookouts, current event chats over coffee and donuts, pig roasts, dancing, birthday parties, holiday fun, and pet therapy with dogs and rabbits.

Residents in their own words.



Resident Since: June 18, 2014

Dolly and Charles Seals moved to The Summit on June 18th, 2014 and haven’t looked back. They are busier than ever and have a great sense of contentment since moving here. All the worries of home ownership are gone and they have found it to be residential and relaxing with a calm, non-institutional atmosphere.

The “fabulous” location of The Summit, with proximity to the Wyndhurst restaurants and stores, the outstanding views from their apartment are but some of the reasons they moved to The Summit and what they most enjoy. For them the dining room is “more fun” and they report without hesitation that the residents here are so friendly and welcoming. On one of their first visits a resident introduced themselves to the Seals and totally unprompted explained why he was so happy to live here. That just sort of “sealed the deal” for Dolly and Charles – they felt like they were home.

Their advice to any persons thinking of moving to a retirement community is “Don’t wait too long”. They discovered that there is so much to do and they are not encumbered by home ownership and associated bills. They have time to play bridge, attend Yoga, exercise class, men’s breakfast, ladies luncheon and visit with friends. They admit there is something for everyone here. And, transportation to various appointments and shopping has made life far easier especially not having to drive in questionable weather and heavy traffic.

Dolly and Charles moved to The Summit also so they can have the peace of mind knowing that if they have medical needs there are people and services here to help them meet those needs. Their daughter is 100% in support of their move to The Summit and that gives her peace of mind as well. But probably one of the biggest benefits for them is the friendly staff and residents – you just feel comfortable and welcome wherever you turn.



Resident Since: September 10, 2007

Ruth Ann and I were always dreaming of retirement; so when I was offered the chance to retire, I said, “Show me the door!” We lived in Northern Virginia at the time. Thanks to Ruth Ann’s sister and brother-in-law, we started bird watching as a hobby. We came to Lynchburg to visit and go birding with them many times, and they helped us find a home in Forest. We moved to our apartment at The Summit in 2007, when home maintenance and riding a lawn mower across one-and-a-half acres lost its charm. Ruth Ann and I don’t have children, so we wanted to live somewhere we knew we would be taken care of, should we need it. We attended a marketing luncheon for The Summit and liked what we heard about life here, so we joined the Advantage Member Program without looking anywhere else. Just a month later we had an apartment.

—Richard Miller

We expected life would slow down when we moved here, but it goes by as fast as ever. But that’s retirement, doing what you want with your time and none of the hassles. Since I’ve been here, I’ve catalogued over 100 birds on my daily walks around campus. Dick and I both love the surroundings here, but we’ve always had the travel bug. Birding and history tours have taken us as far as Alaska, Europe, and Costa Rica, and we travel on nature tours and to Chicago to see Dick’s family often, but we like coming home to The Summit. With all the ways to be involved with our neighbors and community, you get to know everyone and feel welcome right away. Serving on the Residents’ Council and various committees are just a few ways you can meet your neighbors and have a voice in your community here, if you choose. I’m on the library and dining committees, and Dick is vice president of the Resident Council. The best part is we’ve never felt like we sacrificed our privacy for a sense of community. It’s a wonderful balance.

—Ruth Ann Miller



Resident Since: April 1, 2012

I looked at several places in Lynchburg and was very pleased with what I saw at the Summit. I wanted a place that not only offered independent living but was continuing care. At the Summit, I felt it was small enough to feel at home and I was impressed with the offering of various floor plans, cleaning, meals, transportation, community events, and many more. I chose a small apartment, which has been very comfortable for me.

My husband passed away in 2011. After he died, my life was empty, and I definitely did not like living alone. My children lived near Lynchburg, but I did not want to live with either of them or be a burden. I was in my mid 70s and felt I needed to find a continuing care facility in which I could be comfortable.

I’ve lived here for three years and found that my decision was a good one. The residents are like family and close friends. Many of us care for each other and check on one another on a daily basis. The staff members are friendly and will help with any and every problem. I cannot say enough about the beautifully landscaped ground, walking paths, and scenic lake. We all have games to enjoy, programs we can take part in, events in town we can attend, and worship services on a weekly basis. We can never be bored at The Summit. I am definitely a happy camper

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