New Year, New Look

New Year, New Look

The Summit is making a $3 million investment in upgrades, including renovating the Independent Living commons space and building a new Assisted Living kitchen.

The capital improvements come on the heels of other improvements, including keyless entry, security
cameras, new bus and handicapped accessible van, enhanced Internet services, upgraded generators, and new awnings and landscaping along Enterprise Drive.

Since purchasing The Summit in October 2021, LifeSpire of Virginia, which owns and operates several Life Plan Communities, has made tremendous investments that enhance the quality of life for residents.

This year, the Independent Living Commons Space will receive a major renovation, including relocating the fitness center and adding public restrooms.

The creative arts room will move to allow residents to engage in games and projects with outdoor views and organized space. The focal point of the commons space will be a new cafe serving breakfast and lunch items, along with pre-dinner wine tastings and appetizers.

“We’re excited to bring another dining option and offer hors d’oeuvres before dinner with wine and socializing in the new lobby,” Executive Director Adam Feldbauer said. Under LifeSpire’s leadership, The Summit has also moved its culinary program completely in-house.

According to Facilities Manager Timmy Colbird, Assisted Living’s finishing kitchen is being retrofitted to a full-service kitchen, improving the dining experience.

“It’s nice to see Assisted Living’s dining options being equal to Independent Living,” Marketing Director Brenda Dixon said.

Assisted Living upgrades also include relocating the private dining room and building a salon.

“One of our strategies is to elevate the choices and services available in Assisted Living,” Dixon said.

Since becoming a part of the LifeSpire family, residents have seen tremendous campus improvements with more to come. “Since joining LifeSpire’s family, we’ve really been able to experience what it’s like to be part of a non-profit organization. They are making investments to make our community better,” Dixon said.

Keyless entry systems and new cameras offer enhanced security and peace of mind. New awnings, fencing and landscaping along Enterprise Drive allow first floor residents easy outdoor access from their patios.

“Our campus has the best of both worlds. We have our beautiful lake and walking trails, but we’ve also enhanced a lot of the Enterprise Drive side, located in the heart of Wyndhurst, with coffee shops, restaurants and other amenities, giving residents the convenience and excitement of the city and the beauty of the country in one location,” Dixon said.

“We’re really looking forward to the completion of our grand entrance at Grand Summit Drive. We’ve accomplished so much in the past year and we’re looking forward for what’s next to come.”

The Summit continues to embark on new projects with the leadership team and residents working on a master plan for the coming years. “LifeSpire is looking at where are our needs are and putting the money and efforts into making those upgrades and investing in the community,” Colbird said. This will be a busy year at The Summit. “The Summit has so much to offer and we’ll be working together to continue to grow
the culture in this community,” Feldbauer said.