Bob Johnson Receives Influencer Award

Bob Johnson Receives Influencer Award

Bob Johnson is the 2023 Influencer Award recipient from The Summit.

Bob and Agnes, who married in 1954, moved to The Summit in 2019, after Agnes had some significant health concerns. Agnes passed away six months later. The couple chose The Summit because of its community. After Agnes passed away, Bob knew he needed to be around people and in a community, so he decided to stay.

Bob has served The Summit as president of the Resident Council for three years and is now President Emeritus. He also serves on the Spiritual Life Committee, the Prayer Group, and was involved in Worship Services on a weekly basis.

Bob serves the greater community by working with the Vice Mayor of Lynchburg and City Council,
trying to improve conditions on Enterprise Drive.

In November of 2022, Bob suffered a stroke from which he is still trying to recover. His purposes going forward are to continue working in the interest of the residents of The Summit through its growth and expansion to include the amenities afforded by LifeSpire of Virginia.

He says that living in a LifeSpire community is like residing with a large family. The residents are congenial, and the management and team members make every effort to create a good environment.
Bob’s influencers growing up included his parents—his father—in particular. He worked hard, he was an honest person, loved people, and loved to talk.

Bob is influenced today by his family and friends, particularly his new bride Barbara, who he describes as a good Christian and has been so faithful and supportive during his health challenges.

In the next year, Bob will continue to work with Resident Council and the management team to grow The
Summit and secure the additional services needed for the community.