Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

At The Summit, city life meets life on the lake.

Jim Lusk and Sally Mock walk out of The Summit with Windy, his four-legged companion, in tow. They easily maneuver the crosswalk and within minutes are at Montana Plains, a bakery across the street.

The crustless quiche would be worth a much longer trip, but that the bakery is only a hop, skip and jump away is a bonus. “Wyndhurst allows you to enjoy a life walking around, visiting shops and going to places you need to go. The restaurants in Wyndhurst are just beyond belief,” Lusk said. “Anything you want to do is right there in Wyndhurst.”

In addition to the friends he’s made at The Summit, Lusk moved into Wyndhurst, a vibrant community
surrounding the campus. Wyndhurst—a walkable community—offers restaurants, shops, doctor’s offices, spas and entertainment.

“I think that’s one of the joys of living here at The Summit is that within five or six minutes you can walk to almost anything you want or need to do,” Lusk said.

Having the best of both worlds is a unique calling card for The Summit, situated on a beautiful campus, featuring scenic views in the backyard and a bustling community in the front yard. Residents often step away from dinner and onto the balcony to take in the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains with a golden sunset.

“It’s really special to see residents enjoying the amenities of Wyndhurst and the opportunity to take in a nice walk around the lake,” Marketing Director Brenda Dixon said. “The Summit is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wildlife with a deep connection to nature, all while having the conveniences of
restaurants and shops inside the community.”

Residents can grab coffee at The Muse, shop at Health Nut Nutrition, a natural foods store, or satisfy a sweet tooth at Outside the Cone, a gourmet ice cream shop. All are an easy walk away from The
Summit’s front door. The Summit also provides easy access to the Jamerson YMCA, which boasts a large fitness and cardio workout area, along with a full-size pool featuring water aerobics classes or swim lanes. Residents receive membership and class discounts.

The beautiful views and convenient community are wonderful draws, but the friendly neighbors make The Summit home.

“It’s a place to call home that is easy to live in and you can utilize what’s across the street and of course, the people that live here at The Summit are really great and helpful. I can’t imagine living
anywhere else,” Lusk said.

“I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

-Jim Lusk