The People

The People

From our first days of envisioning this Life Plan community, we wanted to build a senior living environment that would offer retirees the sense of community and peace of mind to fully engage in the freedom and joys of life. Each day, the residents live that vision in their own way, bringing with them great experiences which creates this special place. 

Many of the greatest qualities of this community were started or inspired by our residents. Dedicated to supporting their active role in this community, we hold monthly Town Meetings among the Residents’ Council, each of its committees, and a member of the staff. That clear communication is an important part of our vision to provide an environment to be engaged in life.

Critical to this vision has always been a commitment that no person will be asked to leave The Summit for financial reasons beyond their control. The Summit Benevolent Fund was formed to provide the financial support needed, should a resident experience unexpected circumstances. This is one way The Summit exemplifies community in the best sense of that word.


Resident Since: 
June 18, 2014

Dolly and Charles Seals moved to The Summit on June 18th, 2014 and haven’t looked back. They are busier than ever and have a great sense of contentment since moving here. All the worries of home ownership are gone and they have found it to be residential and relaxing with a calm, non-institutional atmosphere.

The “fabulous” location of The Summit, with proximity to the Wyndhurst restaurants and stores, the outstanding views from their apartment are but some of the reasons they moved to The Summit and what they most...Read more

Resident Since: 
September 10, 2007

Ruth Ann and I were always dreaming of retirement; so when I was offered the chance to retire, I said, “Show me the door!” We lived in Northern Virginia at the time. Thanks to Ruth Ann’s sister and brother-in-law, we started bird watching as a hobby. We came to Lynchburg to visit and go birding with them many times, and they helped us find a home in Forest. We moved to our apartment at The Summit in 2007, when home maintenance and riding a lawn mower across one-and-a-half acres lost its charm. Ruth Ann and I don’t have children, so we wanted to live somewhere we knew we would be taken care...Read more

Resident Since: 
April 1, 2012

I looked at several places in Lynchburg and was very pleased with what I saw at the Summit. I wanted a place that not only offered independent living but was continuing care. At the Summit, I felt it was small enough to feel at home and I was impressed with the offering of various floor plans, cleaning, meals, transportation, community events, and many more. I chose a small apartment, which has been very comfortable for me.

My husband passed away in 2011. After he died, my life was empty and I definitely did not like living alone. My children lived near Lynchburg, but I did not want...Read more

Meet Your Neighbor

Meet Your Neighbor
Meet Your Neighbor
May 5, 2020
Joe Chavez knows the value of time well spent, finding it in retirement at The Summit. No lawn care, no cleaning, no cooking dinner. “They take over your environment 100 percent for you,” Joe said. “Now, you find yourself with time to indulge in your pleasures—walking in...Read more
August 1, 2019
Linda Patch looks forward to her rose bush blooming each June. Keeping a small garden at The Summit is one of her favorite hobbies. She plants tomatoes and cucumbers too, but the rose bush is her favorite. “It’s a really pretty color.” She moved into the Life Plan Community...Read more
March 1, 2019
A busy and active life led Mashall and Jean Crews to a relaxed retirement at The Summit. “I like the idea that we don’t have to do anything,” Jean said. “We can do what we want to do when we want to.” A retired banker, Marshall spends time gardening, fishing, visiting...Read more
March 1, 2019
Ice cream dates led Frances Unruh to The Summit. Frances and her husband often frequented an ice cream parlor and looked at the Life Plan Community across the street. “I would come get ice cream and fantasize what life would be like at The Summit.” Frances made her case for...Read more
December 12, 2018
Lila Rosenthal grew up poor and happy. Her father, a Russian immigrant, made sure his kids never knew money was tight. “We didn’t know because there was so much love in the house,” Lila said. “My dad was so great at covering up what we didn’t have with stuff that we were so...Read more
April 20, 2017
Residents of The Summit checked a big item off their wish list with the extension of the lake trail this summer. The over one-mile trail allows residents to enjoy the sights and sounds of the 8.5-acre lake, a gem of the 143-acre campus. “I think everyone likes to get out on...Read more
February 9, 2017
Stan Smith was recently honored for his 60-year commitment to the Grand Masonic Lodge of Nebraska. Stan, who joined the Masons in Omaha, Neb. at 24, said the lodge gave him an opportunity to fellowship and serve with friends.His father was a long-term Mason and his mother...Read more
November 4, 2016
One hundred years ago, Summit citizen Paul Kavanaugh was born November 7 th , 1916, on a small farm near Woodstock, Virginia. He was born at home with his grandmother attending his mom. She named her baby Paul after a friend in Harrisonburg, Judge John Paul. The Kavnaugh...Read more
November 4, 2015
Summit resident takes pride in making outside of facility look beautiful Tooling slowly around the grounds of The Summit retirement community in a golf cart with his wife Liz, Bill Hodges points to Forsythias, Hydrangeas, Mexican Sunflowers, Day Lilies and Hostas. It’s when...Read more
November 2, 2015
Arts and crafts have been part of Maryann Nance Birdsell’s life ever since childhood. Many relatives in her immediate family are artists and she has examples of their works in her apartment. Several of Maryann’s paintings hang in the Summit hallways. After Maryann’s last...Read more
October 16, 2015
The Cheerleading Squad at E. C. Glass High School always selected new cheerleaders as members graduated from the school. When Mary Lucy Marshall (White) was elected as a junior, the girl cheerleading next to her was Gloria Layne (Farrar). With several practices a week and...Read more
October 1, 2015
A Happy Life During the 1930s, small Virginia towns were relatively free of crime and safe for children to play in their yards and on the streets. This was certainly true of South Boston when Mary Lucy, a Summit resident, moved there with her parents. Her father worked for...Read more