Dolly and Charles Seals

Dolly and Charles Seals

Resident Since: 
June 18, 2014

Dolly and Charles Seals moved to The Summit on June 18th, 2014 and haven’t looked back. They are busier than ever and have a great sense of contentment since moving here. All the worries of home ownership are gone and they have found it to be residential and relaxing with a calm, non-institutional atmosphere.

The “fabulous” location of The Summit, with proximity to the Wyndhurst restaurants and stores, the outstanding views from their apartment are but some of the reasons they moved to The Summit and what they most enjoy.  For them the dining room is “more fun” and they report without hesitation that the residents here are so friendly and welcoming.  On one of their first visits a resident introduced themselves to the Seals and totally unprompted explained why he was so happy to live here.  That just sort of “sealed the deal” for Dolly and Charles – they felt like they were home.

Their advice to any persons thinking of moving to a retirement community is “Don’t wait too long”. They discovered that there is so much to do and they are not encumbered by home ownership and associated bills. They have time to play bridge, attend Yoga, exercise class, men’s breakfast, ladies luncheon and visit with friends. They admit there is something for everyone here.  And, transportation to various appointments and shopping has made life far easier especially not having to drive in questionable weather and heavy traffic. 

Dolly and Charles moved to The Summit also so they can have the peace of mind knowing that if they have medical needs there are people and services here to help them meet those needs. Their daughter is 100% in support of their move to The Summit and that gives her peace of mind as well. But probably one of the biggest benefits for them is the friendly staff and residents – you just feel comfortable and welcome wherever you turn.