Dietician Brings Expertise to Wellness Program

Dietician Brings Expertise to Wellness Program

Wellness is one the hallmarks of life at The Summit and a new certified dietician will bring nutrition expertise to the Life Plan Community.

Robin Cundiff, RD, RDN, will be at The Summit weekly offering nutrition counseling for residents, along with working closely with the culinary team.

“We have many residents on specialized diets, including lactose free, gluten free and vegetarian,
so in addition to meeting with residents, Robin will work with the culinary team to create menus for those residents,” Executive Director Kristi Martin, BSN, said.

Registered with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Robin has experience working with older adults on personal nutrition and individualized meal plans.

“We want to enable residents to be well and stay well longer. We want to support healthy living and wellness, and give them the tools to do that themselves.”

— Kristi Martin, Executive Director

The Summit will also provide educational programs on health and nutrition. “Robin will be able to provide education for anything related to wellness,” Kristi said. “She will be an added resource for the wellness program and offer more intense nutrition counseling and support.”

Nutrition support adds to the Life Plan Community’s commitment to wellness, including a renovated exercise center with new equipment.

A fitness instructor from the Jamerson YMCA— located just down the street from The Summit—also offers one-on-one sessions for residents, in addition to group fitness classes.

The Summit team also includes an on-site wellness clinic staffed by a nurse five days a week. Robin will also work with the Assisted Living clinical team to offer nutrition support for residents.